Overcome Anxiety

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Anxiety is such a big problem for so many people and can manifest in a lot of different ways. 


After years of experiencing anxiety and panic attacks myself, I know just how overwhelming, scared and powerless anxiety can make  you feel.  But it's so important to understand that you can fully overcome anxiety, and not to be scared of it because it's actually here to help you in some way. 


Anxiety is your bodies way of letting you know that you are out of balance somewhere.  Maybe you have been experiencing too much stress, suppressing emotions & have trauma from your past which hasn't been healed, or maybe you live in fear and think negative thoughts & hold limiting beliefs, or perhaps you have been abusing your body with stimulants such as drugs or alcohol.  The reason will vary for everyone and will often be a combination of many different things.

This workshop will help you understand why you might be experiencing anxiety and also teach you lots of empowering tools and tips to help you manage and overcome anxiety.

Included in the workshop:

- What is anxiety? 

- Anxiety can manifest as...

- What causes anxiety?

- There is meaning in your suffering

- Identify & minimise your stressors

- Tools to help you calm your body

- Tools to help you release suppressed emotions contributing to anxiety

- Tools to help you change negative & limiting thoughts & beliefs contributing to anxiety

- What food & drink to avoid

- Supplements to ease anxiety



Stress Less 2020

Christchurch: coming soon

Join Charmaine McGregor from Charmaine McGregor Healing and Angela Frewer from Inside Out Healing to learn and experience the different ways you can move into 2020 with less stress and more awareness.

Learn how to create a daily practice and experience different wellbeing tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life so you can experience more ease and grace in your day.


Recovering from Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue

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Emotional Eating

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Christchurch:  Date TBC

Freeing Yourself From Sugar Addiction

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Christchurch:  Date TBC

Healing from Heartbreak

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Christchurch:  Date TBC

You Can Heal Your Body

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I've been in your shoes and understand how hopeless and powerless you can feel when you are experiencing symptoms and illness. You can feel like you have no control over your body, or that you will be stuck with your symptoms for life.


However, unlike many of us have been led to believe, when it comes to healing, you are not powerless and there is so much you can do to heal your body. 

This workshop will cover the key things you need to be doing to enable your body to heal.  You will also explore what might be causing your illness.  Knowledge is power, and once you understand why you are experiencing symptoms, you can start to make the necessary changes in your life to enable healing to occur.

Included in the workshop:

- The body is a self-healing organism 

- You are not a victim of your genes

- Why symptoms and dis-ease manifest within the body

- Symptoms are metaphors and symbolic in nature

- The impact that stressors (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) have on your health & well-being)

- How to activate the bodies self-healing response

- The keys to healing your body

- Get to the root of why you are sick

- Identify the changes you need to make in your life to enable healing to occur

Heal Yourself by Loving & Nurturing Yourself

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So much dis-ease today starts with disconnection from self and a lack of self-love and self-acceptance.  


Learning to love yourself is the first and most important step in the healing process. When we feel comfortable in our own skin and love and accept who we are as a person, we make better choices for ourselves and do things which are in our highest good moment to moment throughout the day.  We stay true to our heart and soul and live in alignment with who we are.

Love is medicine for our body and the most powerful healer of all.  When we fall in love with ourselves this produces feel good chemicals such as Oxytocin within the body, which changes our biology and helps us to heal,

Included in the workshop:

- What is self-love?

- The golden rules of self-love (how to love yourself)

- How our emotions and how we feel about ourselves effects our health

- Why self-love is essential in the healing process

- What's draining your love tank

- What you can do to fill your love tank

- Tools to reconnect you to yourself and increase your self-love​

- An essential oil blend to enhance feelings of self-love & acceptance

Heal Yourself by Loving & Nurturing Your Body

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Christchurch:  Date TBC

The old saying is so true.....your body really is your temple, and loving and nurturing your body is crucial for healing to occur.  When we are at war with our body, and do things that don't honour and respect our body (eg. eating a poor diet, alcohol, drugs, pushing our body beyond it's limits, always being busy), this creates an environment where it's difficult to heal. 

Learn how to reconnect with your body in a loving and nurturing way, and provide your body with what it needs so that it can heal.

Included in the workshop:

- Your bodies ability to self-heal

- Getting your body to a state where self-healing can take place

-  Explore the relationship you have with your body

- Tools to help you love, nurture and reconnect to your body

- Chemicals and toxins to avoid in your home and work environment

- The right food and drink are medicine.  Learn how to nourish your body with food and drink

- Learn to test what food and drink is suitable for your unique body

- Tips to enhance the quality and absorption of your food

- What you need to do to love and nurture your body

- An essential oil blend to help you connect to & love your body

Heal Yourself by Managing & Releasing Your Emotions

Rangiora:  Date TBC

Christchurch:  Date TBC

Emotional toxicity is one of the main contributors of chronic illness and could be the very block that is preventing your body from healing.  


Emotions are made of energy (just like we are) and are actual things.  So if not felt and released at the time, they can create blockages of energy within the body, which can lead to dis-ease, pain, and emotional suffering. Even the emotions we feel about our symptoms can massively impact our health and keep us stuck in a state of dis-ease.

Unfortunately many of us have been taught to suppress or stuff down our emotions, but you can easily learn how to feel and release them.  When you do this you will help to restore the flow of energy within your body so that you can heal.

In this workshop you will learn a number of life-changing emotional release tools (I can say that with confidence because they they changed my life and helped me to heal!!) that are super quick and easy to use.  Once you learn how to do them you will be able to handle anything that life throws at you!! 


Also, if you have kids you will be able to teach them so they are able to navigate through life smoothly and become more emotionally resilient.

Being a sensitive person, I use the tools on a daily basis, and don't know how I ever used to get by without them!!  They really are amazing : )

Included in the workshop:

 - What are emotions?

- The effect emotions have on our body

- Emotions we feel about our symptoms

- How to feel your emotions and release them as they arise

- Identify what emotions are stuck in your body

- Tools to help you release your emotions

- An essential oil blend to balance your emotions


Pendulums can be purchased on the night at a cost of $10 (cash only)

Heal Yourself by Changing Your Thoughts & Beliefs


Christchurch:  26th November 2019, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Our minds are so incredibly powerful (even more so than food & medication), and what we think and believe on a daily basis, not only has the power to create our symptoms and keep us sick, but also allows us to heal. This is due to the fact that the mind and body are not separate and the body follows what the mind believes. So, your body hears everything that your brain says and it reacts accordingly.

Everyday the average person has around sixty thousand thoughts, and each thought creates a chemical response within your body. If your mind is full of negative and stressful thoughts and beliefs this activates the stress response within the body. Harmful chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline are then released within the body, and over time weaken the immune system, glands and organs, and can prevent the body from healing.

The majority of our beliefs are on a subconscious level, and typically picked up when you were too young to know any better. Our beliefs shape our view of the world, and drive our actions and behaviour.

When you are on the healing journey, it is extremely important to change limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs, because these are often the very blocks that are preventing you from healing.

I know from my own healing journey, that every time I changed a limiting belief, I experienced huge improvements in my health and quality of life.

In this workshop you will identify what beliefs (conscious and subconscious) you have, and learn tools that will help you to change them for the better so that your body can heal and you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Included in the workshop:

- Don’t believe everything that you think

- What are beliefs and how are they created?

- How thoughts and beliefs impact your health

- The conscious and sub-conscious mind

- The placebo and nocebo effect

- How beliefs can block your body's ability to heal

- Identify what beliefs you have about healing, yourself and life

- Tools to help you change your thoughts & beliefs

- An essential oil blend to help you change your beliefs & think more positively


Pendulums can be purchased on the night at a cost of $10 (cash only)

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