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Heal Yourself by Loving & Nurturing Yourself

Loving who you are as a person is critical in the physical healing process. Learn powerful self-love tools and practices that will enable you to heal.
Heal Yourself by Loving & Nurturing Yourself

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About the Event

Hello, my name is Angela Frewer and I am a Self-Healing Coach and Havening Techniques® Practitioner at Inside Out Healing.

So many health issues today start with disconnection from self and a lack of self-love and self-acceptance.

Learning to love yourself is the first and most important step in the healing process. When we feel comfortable in our own skin and love and accept who we are as a person, we make better choices for ourselves and do things which are in our highest good moment to moment throughout the day.  We stay true to our heart and soul and live in alignment with who we are.

Love is medicine for our body and the most powerful healer of all.  When we fall in love with ourselves this produces feel good chemicals such as Oxytocin within the body, which changes our biology and helps us to heal.

Included in the workshop:

- What is self-love?

- The golden rules of self-love (how to love yourself)

- How our emotions and how we feel about ourselves effects our health

- Why self-love is essential in the healing process

- What's draining your love tank

- What you can do to fill your love tank

- Tools to reconnect you to yourself and increase your self-love​

This is the second of five workshops in the 'You Can Heal Your Body Series'.  You don't need to have attended the other workshops to attend this one.

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