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Heal Yourself By Changing Your Thoughts & Beliefs

Your body follows what your mind believes. In this workshop you will learn tools to change your thoughts and beliefs so that you can heal.

Heal Yourself By Changing Your Thoughts & Beliefs

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About the Event

Hello, my name is Angela Frewer and I am a Self-Healing Coach and Havening Techniques® Practitioner at Inside Out Healing.

Our minds are so incredibly powerful (even more so than food & medication), and what we think and believe on a daily basis, not only has the power to create our symptoms and keep us sick, but also allows us to heal. This is due to the fact that the mind and body are not separate and the body follows what the mind believes. So, your body hears everything that your brain says and it reacts accordingly.

Everyday the average person has around sixty thousand thoughts, and each thought creates a chemical response within your body. If your mind is full of negative and stressful thoughts and beliefs this activates the stress response within the body. Harmful chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline are then released within the body, and over time weaken the immune system, glands and organs, and can prevent the body from healing.

The majority of our beliefs are on a subconscious level, and typically picked up when you were too young to know any better. Our beliefs shape our view of the world, and drive our actions and behaviour.

When you are on the healing journey, it is extremely important to change limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs, because these are often the very blocks that are preventing you from healing.

I know from my own healing journey, that every time I changed a limiting belief, I experienced huge improvements in my health and quality of life.

In this workshop you will identify what beliefs (conscious and subconscious) you have, and learn tools that will help you to change them for the better so that your body can heal and you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Included in the workshop:

- Don’t believe everything that you think

- What are beliefs and how are they created?

- How your thoughts and beliefs impact your health

- The conscious and sub-conscious mind

- The placebo and nocebo effect

- How beliefs can block your body's ability to heal

- Identify what beliefs you have about healing, yourself and life

- Tools to help you change your thoughts & beliefs

This is the fith and final workshop in the You Can Heal Your Body series

* You will need a pendulum for this workshop, or alternatively you can use muscle testing if you are comfortable with that.  You can make a pendulum using some string and attach something heavy like a stone or crystal to it, or you can use a necklace that has something heavy attached to it.

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