I started seeing Angela about 18 months -2 years ago now. I was searching for someone to see who wasn’t your typical counsellor or doctor.

I had been through burn out and going down the typical avenue was costing a substantial amount of money and I didn’t seem to be getting any further ahead. The burnout caused serious health issues with underlying emotional factors that of course had been lingering over time.

I was really drawn to Angela’s website and I appreciated her honesty and bravery when it came to getting real about her own personal journey.

As soon as I met Angela, I felt a sense of safety and caring come from her, that no matter what I had to share she wasn’t judging me. I felt she had my back, she was on my side and she really listened unlike the doctors and specialists I’d been on my previous journey with.

My appointment time always went over and she never made me feel rushed to finish. Learning to haven and to tap gave me the control and knowledge I needed to take self-responsibility when it came to managing my anxiety. I also liked the fact that havening has a scientific base which makes sense to me.

She gave me the tools I needed that actually worked. The brain is a complex creature, but boy did I feel incredible after a session with Angela. I felt like I was glowing from the inside out. I felt like I could take on the world, full of self-love and acceptance. What an incredible gift.

I recommend Angela to all my friends, especially those in need of learning self-love and the confidence to take their life back through nurturing themselves with new knowledge.

Bless you Angela you are incredible".

M.M, North Canterbury, New Zealand


My intuition told me to contact Angela as I knew she would be able to understand me.  I was dealing with health issues as well as some emotional blocks for some time which were making me feel stagnant and fearful. I wanted to work with someone where I could learn to navigate through these obstacles by learning tools that I could apply in my daily life.

After my initial session, Angela's gentle and loving guidance and commitment to helping others really resonated with me.  Angela has taught me really helpful real-life healing tools that I now practice on myself which is allowing me to look at life in a positive and authentic way.

I really appreciate the tools that Angela brings to the table, her ability to listen with an open heart and how she is never judgmental.  Not only have I learned life-changing techniques, but I have learned a lot about myself too. I am very grateful to Angela and the inspiration she has given me. 

S.S, Washington DC, USA

I approached Angela as I had been experiencing a lot of stomach upsets and general health issues.  She has been really helpful and a wealth of information for healthy and natural living.  The results have been amazing and have helped me boost my energy levels & overall health.  I have enjoyed the fact that Angela has helped me become aware of my body and it's needs.  I've found the experience fascinating and would recommend her services to anyone.  She has been in constant contact and whenever i've not understood something she has been right there to walk me through it.  Angela is truly an inspiration and a massive help for me as I embark on this new journey of self-discovery.

P.L, North Canterbury, New Zealand

I am an elected member and sought advice from Angela to deal with the frustration and anxiety I felt after a meeting where I had felt "under attack" and limited in how I could respond.  What to do with those emotions?  Whenever I thought of this person I felt anxiety in my stomach and I was not looking forward to our next meeting together the following week.  I had a session with Angela and I'm pleased to say that the feelings disappeared.  For the rest of the week and following days I was so calm about everything.  I was completely aware of the change and its impact was immediate.  I felt and continue to feel much more in control of myself and my emotions.  Much gratitude.

J.M, North Canterbury, New Zealand


"I feel very fortunate to have had some sessions with Angela using the Havening Techniques. They have been a major help and incredible boost for me at a time of turmoil in my life and when I was feeling flooded and struggling to cope with many events having a major negative impact on my wellbeing and life in general. Angela has been totally awesome in giving me the tools to have clarity, self belief, vision and I now process the ability to release the unwanted and harmful thoughts and emotions and get on with enjoying life. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so very much indeed Angela."

Steve Condon, North Canterbury, New Zealand

"All my life I have suffered from anxiety which manifests as anger. This has affected my life in so many ways... loss of friendships, strained family relationships, loss of jobs, and don’t get me started on relationships! The Havening Techniques have really helped me to move past my crippling fears and feel able to trust processes and people again. Angela's kind, encouraging manner immediately puts me at ease and helps me figure out the blockages and what’s really going on beneath the surface. Angela has really helped me leave the past behind and keep moving forward with self love and I couldn’t be more gateful."

M.Q. Melbourne, Australia


Trauma from a recent car accident triggered past trauma from my childhood. I was feeling at a loss of what do and how to deal with my emotions. I was referred to Angela by a friend and knew nothing about Havening. I was hopeful but didn't expect anything from our session. To my absolute amazement, my session helped me to release some of the feelings I was holding onto. It's hard to explain but it's like I know what's happened to me in the past but I've let the emotions go. Since my session, I have had no flashbacks, I feel no resentment or anger and I'm at peace with what's happened. This has been life-changing - to finally decide and feel ready to move on. Thank you, Angela!

C.L, Christchurch, New Zealand

During sessions with Angela she helped to release very present and heavy emotions that were connected with certain experiences from my past. Through the techniques Angela used, I no longer feel attached to those experiences. Previously where I held on to heavy emotions, now I am able to accept what was and the distraught emotions associated with the certain experiences are no longer there.  For this I am so grateful! Thank you Angela. 

N.A, North Canterbury, New Zealand

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When you are on the path of personal healing, it is important to find guidance from someone with a kind spirit, positive energy, and a deep personal knowledge of that journey.  I found those essential components in my experience with Angela from 'Inside Out Healing'.  I left my session feeling relaxed, hopeful and better equipped to face the issues in front

of me.

H.L, Canada


After speaking with Angela, I had some useful tools to cope with what had previously seemed like impossible situations.  I left the session feeling empowered and much calmer.

K.S, Hawera, New Zealand

Releasing allowed me to know why I was holding back at a partnership, it was my previous relationships pain that I was holding onto in my present life. It helped me to release unwanted pain.

E.L, Los Angeles, USA

"Its not happiness that brings us gratitude. 

It's gratitude that brings us happiness"

- Anonymous