Why Do I Have Symptoms, Why Am I Sick? Part 2

Following on from last weeks blog....here is part 2!

Another reason why we get sick is due to disconnection. Disconnection to ourselves and to our needs, disconnection to our bodies and to our true nature. We can end up not knowing who we truly are or what we want in life. We end up living a life that is not in alignment with what we came here to do. We don't love and accept ourselves. We can be so cruel to ourselves and judge and beat ourselves up. We criticise our bodies and don't appreciate all our bodies do for us. We do things which go against the grain and are not right for us. We live our lives for other people and not for ourselves. We don't have healthy boundaries and find it hard to say NO to people. We give away our power and do things just to please other people and to make them happy, but deep down inside we know that it doesn't feel right for us. We hold onto resentments and are unable to forgive ourselves or others. We deny and stuff down our true feelings. We don't speak up for ourselves and say what we truly feel. We have faulty and dis-empowering beliefs and think damaging thoughts which only end up limiting us and keeping us stuck in life. We rush around and work all hours of the day just so that we can have more material comforts or a bigger house like the Browns. We feel so stressed out and overwhelmed by life, but instead of going within and asking how we can ease our stress and actually enjoy life, we keep on pushing and ignore our intuition and feelings. We stay stuck in relationships and marriages that are not healthy or beneficial due to attachment to the other person and feeling like there is no other way out. We abuse our bodies and our minds with alcohol and drugs in an attempt to escape from and not deal with our past or our present.

We have become disconnected from our friends and family, constantly blaming them for our issues, when in fact we need to take responsibility for our own actions. We have become increasingly fearful of life and choose to believe the world is a scary and bad place, instead of seeing all the good things that are happening in the world and the beauty and magic that life has to offer.

We have become disconnected from our food, which is now so heavily processed and altered from it's original state that it doesn't even resemble food anymore - it has little or no nutritional value and doesn't support our bodies in any way. We use household products and personal products which are toxic and laden with harmful chemicals.

We have also become increasingly disconnected from nature and it's abundant life giving benefits, preferring instead to stay indoors and binge watch a favourite TV series on Netflix.

Does any of this ring true for you??

The more disconnected inside we become the more confused our body and soul becomes. Symptoms are then created to get our attention and to let you know that there is an imbalance or disconnect somewhere in your life. If you choose to ignore these symptoms and do not change the way you are living, your body will then end up saying it's had enough and create an actual disease which will really get your attention.

In my experience getting sick was the best a gift and the best thing that ever happened to me. It certainly didn't feel that way at the time, but I know that it was the wake up call that I desperately needed. It was what finally made me change my ways and turn my life around.

All of my life I had been very disconnected to myself, my body and to others. I didn't love or accept myself, I beat myself up, I didn't feel worthy and I felt like I didn't fit in or belong. I didn't know what I wanted in life or who I really was, I stuffed down my emotions and couldn't speak up for myself, I was a chronic people pleaser, I abused my body with sugar, alcohol and drugs, I ate the wrong food for my body and I pushed my body beyond it's limits until it finally said 'NO'.

The journey to healing involves re-connection to yourself and your true nature, re-connection to your magnificence, re-connection to your body, re-connection to your life purpose, re-connection to your needs, re-connection to your passions, re-connection to your feelings, re-connection to happiness and joy, re-connection to the love that lies within your heart, re-connection to the miracle that is life, re-connection to healthy and life affirming thoughts and beliefs, re-connection to your friends and family, re-connection to nutritious food which supports and nourishes your body, plus re-connection to mother earth and nature.

The journey to healing involves looking deeply at your life from the inside out. Where have you become disconnected? What do you need to change, release, let go of or make peace with in order to heal? What is your body trying to tell you? Who do you need to forgive? What in your life do you need to bring back into balance? How can you honour and love yourself more? Deep down you know….you have all the answers inside of you.

If you would like to have a session to learn how to self-heal and bring your life back into balance, please contact me at angela@insideouthealing.co.nz

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