You Can Heal!

When I started out on my healing journey I thought (like most of the population do) that in order for your body to heal you had to go to your doctor, who would diagnose you and give you some pills, then ka-boom ka-bam you were healed!

Instead I spent years going from doctor to doctor and various specialists who told me they couldn't help me and didn't know what was wrong with me. There was going to be no magic pill to get me back on the road. This lack of answers made me feel completely powerless and gave me no hope that I would ever recover or live a fulfilling life ever again. I didn't want to accept this. I was not a hypochondriac...I was not making it up. I genuinely loved life and wanted to get better. There was so much more of life I wanted to experience.

After a lot of researching online of mystery illnesses I started to read more and more articles on holistic and alternative healing and I was totally hooked!! I read story after story of people who had healed themselves naturally even after their doctors hadn't been able to help. I learned that the human body is designed to heal itself, it is a self-healing organism. Think about what happens when you get a cut, your body goes to work and within a short amount of time the cut is healed, or when you get a cold your immune system kicks into gear to fight off the virus.

Unfortunately for more complicated health issues as was the case with mine, there were a number of factors or stressors that were preventing my body from doing its job and healing. My body had lost its ability to self-repair due to a lack of self-love and total disconnection from myself and my body's needs, a lack of understanding of my sensitivity, past traumas, stressful relationships, dis-empowering conscious and sub-conscious beliefs, low self-esteem and a poor diet.

Once I embarked on the journey back to self-love and acceptance plus was able to release the energy and traumas of the past and put my needs first, my body finally started to heal.

I was so grateful that I was able to get to the root cause and actually let my body heal naturally. If the doctor's had prescribed a magic pill it would of no doubt only masked the symptoms and not truly healed my body, plus I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. The symptoms might of only got worse because I was ignoring what they were trying to tell me. As well as that I wouldn't of dealt with any of the issues from my past and would probably still have low self-esteem and not believe in myself.

I have so much to be grateful for...and so can you. You can heal, healing is possible. You are not powerless. Don't give up and don't give your power away to doctors who say there is nothing they can do to help you!!! It all starts with believing in yourself and your body. If you believe that you cannot be healed, guess won't heal. If you have the belief that healing is possible you have a far greater chance for healing to occur.

Learning vital life changing tools such as self-love, emotional release and eating the right foods (= medicine!!) are key to helping your recover. And not only that, but you will become a stronger, happier and more resilient human in the process : )

True healing doesn't happen is a process. You really do have to make some massive changes to your life and the way you operate, but it is so so worth it!! Remember this... nothing changes until you do.

If you are interested in starting your self-healing journey please feel free to contact me today

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