Hello beautiful person, my name is Angela Frewer and I am a Transformational Healing Guide and Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner.


I work with clients in a holistic way, and draw on a wealth of personal experience from my own life-changing healing journey, teaching you everything I know about physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing, as well as giving you the necessary tools so that you can heal yourself naturally from the inside out.

I also do one on one sessions using the Havening Techniques, which are powerful psycho-sensory tools that assist with trauma, phobia and emotional release. To learn more about Havening please click on the Private Sessions tab.

Through my own healing journey and also working with clients, I have learned that our bodies have so much to teach us about ourselves and the way we are living.  Symptoms, disease, pain and emotional challenges are not something to be feared but actually present an opportunity for growth and are our greatest teachers!  They are warning signs from our body & soul, alerting us of imbalance(s) or stressors in our life that need to be healed and resolved.  Once the imbalance(s) are resolved the body will then heal itself. 

When it comes to healing you are not powerless. You are your own healer and there is so much you can do to improve your health and emotional well-being. Please don't give up, no matter what diagnosis you have been given.

Although the healing process can be messy at times, I'm a big believer in making it as fun and enjoyable as possible, because laughter and joy really are the best medicine.  So, if your keen to work with me, be prepared to laugh, be playful, and become your best mate!

True healing is a journey back to ourselves, and I would be honoured to guide you on your healing journey so that you can experience greater health, vitality and peace of mind once more. 

Angela x


Angela Frewer

transformational healing guide


“Angela Frewer is a certified practitioner of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. www.havening.org"

"Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace of soul. It comes from laughter and love".

- Anonymous